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Hexaod is a Mormon Babyfur that enjoys drawing and making friends. His fursona is a green fox with grey hair and eyes. He is obsessed with symphonic metal bands because of what he calls them, "Epic in everyway, and an infinite times better than rap or hiphop!" Although he is Mormon/Christian, his view on furries and homosexuality are much different than that of a regular Mormon/Christian.

"Hey, if a man and woman should get married, why can't the gay too? Everyone deserves a chance!"

He lives in and is part of the Furizona group.


Hexaod found out about furries in early 2008 as he was searching google for something more than what only infantalism can provide. He happened to stumble accross Babyfur art on DeviantArt, namely Chris the Fox's and Jawshy The Fox's art pages. He took an interest into them, and started to draw himself. Unfortunately, he was very poor in his drawing skills in the past, but as of 2009, the popularity and style of his art dramatically increased.

"I've had only little experience drawing in the past, but as time went by, I think it was time to kick it into gear."

Although his art is well known and increasing in popularity slowly, the real thing he wants is to serve others in any way he possibly could.

"I couldn't care less if people reject my art or not, as long as I'm not rejected, I'm fine."

Nothing bad could really be said about this babyfur. He takes his time to chat and listen to what others feel they must, and often offers to draw to anyone he feels close to (if his friends don't ask for one first)

Although tends to talk about himself many times, he tries to relate to all his friends in any way possible, and only thinks about how he can help others despite his location disadvantage in the Arizona desert.

He respects others privacy, feelings, and boundries very clearly. If it's not his business to worry, he will move on to another subject.

He is also very compassionate and open minded in his friendship with others, and often refers to those whom grown very close as his Family.

His parents he lives with now are very accepting as to why he draws babyfur art and lives the way of the life of an infantalist. He quotes "I'm very happy I came out to them about something so secretive. I have never felt more freer to express myself! It's difficult at times when they ask who it is I'm talking to exactly, but I feel they know who it is I am talking to: those who have had a hard life and just want to go back."

Hexaod told his parents about his infantalist interests in 2007, and at first were not very happy. As time went by, they saw what worse he could be doing instead.


  • Symphonic Metal
  • Drawing
  • Making New Friends
  • Helping others through their problems
  • Video Games
  • Regression Roleplay
  • Diapers
  • Known to be unpredictable
  • Giving a friend to someone who has little or none
  • Watching movies
  • Learning something new that can be applicable
  • Enjoys making others laugh
  • Rock Climbing

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