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Hex Husky
Hex Husky by Echos Light at
Hex Husky with Icarus plush by Plüti (Website) in his fursuit made by Ognas of Og's Suits at the BLFC 2016 Inflatables Panel.
Born 11 October, 1983
Profession or hobby Network Technician, Plush Hoarder, Fursuiter, Programmer, Artist, Photographer
Character species Siberian Husky

Hi, I am Hex a grey and white hexagon spotted Siberian Husky. I am a Seattle area furry, fursuiter, collector of plushies and inflatable toys, amature DJ, artist, and photographer residing in Lynnwood, Washington and presently working as a Network Technician in the Network Operations Center of an Internet Service Provider because Furries Make the Internets Go!

Below you can find out more about my interests, what I've done with my life, where you can find me next, and several ways you can contact me. This user page is a place for me to write and share about myself for the curious and track my personal goals and accomplishments.

Background and interests[edit]

Why I'm Furry[edit]

After moving to Redmond in 2002 from Portland, Oregon to attend college I discovered my best friend was involved in the furry fandom and have identified as furry since 2003 shortly thereafter. I attended my first convention, Conifur, the same year. I've been deeply involved since age 19 having incredible experiences and making amazing friends while attending meets, parties, events, clubs, and conventions ever since.

To me the furry fandom is a safe space I can forge my own identity, set and achieve my goals, and aspire to live my dreams. I have made many lifelong friendships with other incredibly creative and gifted people all over the world who are always supportive and encouraging of my endeavors. I have gotten to be a part of incredible life experiences with my community. I wish express my deepest and sincerest gratitude and love to all my friends for making it all possible. See my Upcoming Events below to see what's next. I look forward to many more years of continuing to push my horizons and do things I would never have even dreamed were possible.

Plush and inflatable toys collection[edit]

No profile on me would be complete without a mention of the literal giant in the room: my plush and inflatable collection. This collection is sizable consisting of large plush huskies from around the world and inflatable dogs from the PuffyPaws Custom Toy company. I have become somewhat noteworthy for State of the Pile photos as they tend to leave an impression. I am very emotionally invested in my toys and enjoy exhibiting them to other interested furs when I travel. I am very active in the various social communities and groups related to these toys and can be found in most of these forums. I very much enjoy discussing this topic with others.

Music, DJing, and production[edit]

I enjoy Electronic Dance Music and attending raves and dances both furry organized and mainstream. I am an amature DJ of primarily uplifting trance and progressive music utilizing Traktor under DJ Hex Husky performing UPLifting Curl with a well received debut at Furlandia 2015 and was fortunate a friend was there to capture my mistakes on video. Going forward I will be hosting recordings of my sets at MixCloud. I would very much like new opportunities to perform at more events so reach out if you're interested.

I have also tried my paw at music production. When I was in high-school I was quite a prolific producer however a disk crash lost my source files. Production is very time consuming and I am unsure if I will really get back into it but if so I will likely host my productions on SoundCloud.

Photography and art[edit]

I began taking photographs of my plush and inflatable collection in 2008 when my hoarding turned serious. In 2017 I purchased a Canon EOS 6D and 50mm f1.4 prime lens and have expanded to photographing the Seattle area, and happenings at cons and events I attend. I host these photos on Flickr.

EvE and video games[edit]

I have been involved in the space combat MMO EvE Online since 2015 where my character Hex Husky (zKillboard) is a member of SergalJerk: The Corp With Bite™ which is EvE's premiere furry corporation and a member of TEST Alliance Please Ignore presently located in Esoteria. On December 10th 2016 I participated in The Battle of M-OEE8, the largest single conflict in EvE Online history.

Current game franchise series I sorta follow are The Elder Scrolls, The Witcher, Grand Theft Auto, Assassin's Creed, Deux Ex, Fallout, Call of Duty series, and Battlefield. I also enjoy simulation games such as theHunter, Farming Simulator, Truck Simulator, and classics such as Sleeping Dogs, FreeSpace 2, Heavy Gear, and Total Annihilation.

Card, board, and party games[edit]

I am interested in board and card games that require deep thought such as Go, Chess, Cribbage, Backcammon, Reversi, and Texas Hold'Em. I enjoy card games such as Room Party+FurCon, Fluxx, and Cards Against Humanity. I enjoy party games such as Jackbox Games including Quiplash and Fibbage.

I enjoy a number of board games especially German style and cooperative. Some examples of board games I have played and enjoyed include Ticket to Ride, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Settlers of Catan and expansions, Pandemic, Machi Koro, Dead of Winter, and Sentinels of the Multiverse. I am also a fan of classic board games such as Acquire, Risk, Monolopy, The Game of Life, Uno, Scrabble, Battleship, Boggle and childhood favorites such as Candy Land, Shoots and Ladders, Go Fish, and Slap Jack. I also like Jigsaw Puzzles and Puzz 3D.

I read the Tarot largely the Rider-Waite decks though I have some familiarity with the Kabbalah traditions including the Thoth Tarot and a basic understanding of Elder Futhark Runecasting and I Ching as well. While I wouldn't attribute any actual scientifically verifiable magical properties to these systems the Tarot in particular functions as a good tool for introspection and self-reflection and I do offer guided readings.

Conventions and events[edit]

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I have attended many conventions and events from 2003 onward. You can find me currently attending some of the events listed below.

Upcoming events[edit]

You can find me at these upcoming events:

Past attendance[edit]



Pacific Northwest life[edit]

The Pacific NorthWest and city of Seattle is an incredibly breathtaking place to live. There are many of the things I enjoy doing around where I live and frequently travel. I like eating out and hanging out so fursuiting events, hiking, parks, house parties, photographing, art jams, movies, and board games are things I consider attending given the chance. You can contact me above if you are interested in hanging out in the Seattle area. Below are some of the most iconic locations and parks in Seattle that I enjoy frequenting.

Seattle parks and attractions[edit]

Seattle has many amazing parks, interesting locations, and good resturants and I often enjoy spending time in and taking photographs around these areas especially when out of town guests are visiting. Below I've written a bit about some of what I think are the best parks and places Seattle has to offer. My experiences in and around Seattle's historic places is a large part of why I chose to live here permanently.

Other places to eat[edit]

Seattle offers quite a few great restaurants. The diet of the hexagon spotted husky has long been a mystery and so to shed light on my eating habits and because I have a terrible memory I have listed some of my favorites that aren't otherwise noteworthy below.

Personal life[edit]

I was born 11, October 1983 in the city of Portland, OR where I grew up in a suburban house on the East side of Portland. I most recently moved from Portland, OR to Lynnwood, WA in 2015 where I took my current position as a Network Technician and presently live in a furry apartment unit with 3 other furs.


After attending technical and community colleges in Redmond and Bellevue, I transferred for tuition reason to and graduated from Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham, OR in 2008 where I hold Associates Degrees of Science in Computer Science Application Engineering, and Arts in General Studies, with elective focuses in Fine Arts, and Professional Audio Engineering.


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