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Hazel is a female Skunk named so for her dark brown eye colour. Her fur sometimes appears a dark blue or grey with typical skunk markings. She has all white hair at about shoulder length with three distinct purple streaks through it; one at the front and one either side. though she may be a little chubby and shorter than the average fur she gets away with wearing her typical atire of a black hooded top, baggy grey and black cammo jeans and a purple striped scarf. Hazel also has an alter ego or alt-sona Koil. Koil is a typical male fox who is also somewhat verticaly challenged what he lacks in stature though he makes up for in intelect as he is a bit philosophic at times (offten at the oddeset of moments)and is usurly seen in his white shirt and white baggy jeans. confusingly it was Koil who appeard first and Hazel apeared soon after


Hazel and Koil (though one in the same) have dabbed in furry art fairly briefly producing little amounts of art up to date but are regularly sketching and doodling, though most of these never make it onto their Fur Affinity page. On FA their username is James[fox], to explain briefly James was the first name of Koil before he changed to what it is now.


Koil is recognised with writing the sci-fi series (not yet complete) Incomprehensible The story line follows the missadventures of a young fox sharing the same name as it's writer (in a rather uncreative moment) who is taken away by a mysterious charecter suposedly from the future and Koil (the books main charecter) is faced with an unrelenting number of ordeals that lead him to uncover more about the estranged future he finds himself in. up to date only four chapters have been writen in the story and are posted on the FA page but plans have come underway to start from scratch and re-write the story as Koil has said "I've hit a creative block"