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"Quiet...that's all I need" Hawkshadow started drawing when he was around four-and-a-half years old, due to the fact that his single parent drew (he was adopted). He enjoys classical music and avoids all others, although he is partial to Rhianna sometimes when she doesn't sing horrid songs.



Age: 16

Sex: Male

Eye Color: Black

Fur Color: White

Species: Cith Fox

Aiedail never wanted to fight, but he was bred to be a warrior. He was a central figurehead in the Chaos Wars, and he was the one who took down his own brother to stop the war and spare further bloodshed. Only recently, after he met and saved a gentle white vixen by the name of Song Trissca, did he begin to accept others' help. His Bangs, whisker, tail and finger tips are all black, as well as his chest fur.