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See the article about Hawker-Blue. WikiFur User

Hawker-Blue is a random insane burd.

He isBritish and made of plastic and might be stupid. Or not.

Go away. Or don't. The choice is yours! because thats freedom of speech

He also has 2 budgies that he tortures daily. But by that he means poking them.

Also left wing loony. Because.

Not much to say.


This may be him. It's best you give him all the shinies and happy things.

His FA or something

Hawker the burd is also known for historical knowledge about his surroundings and country and all things related to war, and his good cooking skills, and his far-reaching hospitality. If you get to choose which friend to have, let it be Hawker (note: you can't have him).

Sometimes, Hawker the burd squeaks around ans says EEEEEEEEEE, indicating some other, deeply hidden fursona inside.