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A.K.A. The nefarious Mr. Hart

Known media include but are not limited to digital, traditional ink and penciling and tattooing. 
Sexual orientation is most likely Bi with female preference. 
His sense of humor seems to be a major motivating factor. The oddest thing will set his mind of on tangents. The results, which others may find amusing, are more often than not more humorous to him than others.
He apparently suffers from mild schizophrenia. An aversion to the long-term effects of medication means the condition is untreated.          

A photograph shows the artist in a uniform, suggesting at least basic law enforcement history. 


There is currently a single fursona for Hartless, an entity composed of chaos. The only constant features seem to be a set of glasses and teeth, lots of teeth. His avatar changed little since it's inception, the only addition seems to be the addition of hair which is probably a reflection of the artist. 
A semi mysterious individual with a few affiliations on art sites such as Fur Affinity. Seems to pursue trades, collaborations and the like, no known commissions.

More information will be added as it is gathered.