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Hajime A.K.A. "Hajimeshoka/はじめしょか" (born in 1990 in south carolina) is a anthro/anime artist. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio and has an interesting fasication with pharaoh hounds, and Jackals, and even Lucarios, but preferably jackals since they are his favorite. He can be found on [] [], and [].

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Hajime is a male anthropomorphic with brown short fur, with hazel-colored eyes with dreads coming down to shoulder-length. Anubis has no favor/love for Yiff, however he looks at it like sex is in our normal lives. Most of the time Hajime can be seen with an anhk or the usual egyptian materials and jewelry, however on some occasions he can be seen with modern-like cloths: pants, shirts/button ups.


Hajime has a calm, quiet, peaceful-like personality, he can also be soft spoken even when upset of frustrated. Most of the time he treat some one a humble-like stature toward them, but when he feels disrespected or treat cruel he will not hesitate to straighten out the matter. He tends to look down on man due to what he believes they have become in the new generation. He mainly loves aquaintance especially fans due to their modivational comment of his art. Overall he just wants to be happy and have a good time.


Anubis love to listen to J-pop, Anime orchaestra (especially from "OnePiece"). He also like to listen to video game music such as "Rockman/Megaman", and Final Fantasy. basically he likes japanese orientated music whether it be from video games, anime, orchaestra, or any other type of entertainment. he'll seldomly settle for Rave.

Video Game Interest[edit]

Hajime's is primarily a RPG/Fighting/and Adventure game player. His most games that catch his most common interest is the whole "Rockman/Megaman series" including "Rockman: Command Mission" he also mainly enjoys cross-over fighting games such as Marvel vs. Capcom 1-2, Super Smash bros. Brawl, and Blazblue. His most favorable playing RPG's are Megaman X Command Mission, and Maplestory.

Hobbies and other interests[edit]

Along with video games and other forms of entertainment "Anubis" loves to read, speak, and write Japanese, Even his academic major is Internation business. He confessed to his while family that he plans to go and live in Japan and marry a Japanese women and live there for the rest of his life. Being committed to his favorite desire his main primary occupation is doing everything in Japanese. Anubis is also an furry Anthro/Anime artist who tries to displays his artwork all over the net. Being a Piano-player is one way Anubis gets away from it all when life gets em down. He write his own music and plays other tunes too mainly famous or video game music also.

Favorite Anime/Comics/Manga[edit]

Hajime's most favorite anime is "OnePiece" he says that it get to the point faster that Dragonball Z and is more realistic and has its limits "as far as power goes". His favorite character from OnePiece are Zoro and Killer from "Captain Kidd's crew". He said that if Anubis was a pirate he would have eaten the "さゆう さゆう/Sayuu Sayuu no mi" which enables him to control things at the will of eye contact. He also likes furry comics, but his obvious most favorite furry comic is "Anubis: Dark desire" he believes that In chapter #1 the art was done in a more anime like style of art and is still waiting for the arrival of chapter #5.

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Personal Beliefs[edit]

He believes that the furry fandom's foundation is not based on sexual fetishism as most people and trolls say about the fandom. He also believe that ever since he joined the furry fandom that he can fully express himself through him and his egoistic fursona: Hajime. he is currently racking up a crew to be known in the "furry world". He desires for fame without question to be a well known furry.

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