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Hello, I'm GroggyFox. I was born April 24, 1989 in Walnut Creek California and have been living in Concord CA. for most of my life. I've had the honor of being a SoCal Fur for two years while I attended Cal Poly Pomona. I'm currently back in the Bay Area attending CCSF school of Aviation Sciences. I plan to transfer to another college in the near future to major in mechanical or aerospace engineering after I obtain my AS in Aviation Sciences

I'm considered a new fur as I've only recently discovered the fandom in 2007 but I'm loving it and diving in head first!

I have a lot of random hobbies, including computers, cars, fursuiting, fursuit construction, photography, bowling, Orchestral music (I play the Violin and Cello), and playing with all things technical, nerdy, and shiny. My Fursona is a bright orange fox with electric blue accents and my alt is Doppler the huge eared Fennec FoxRoo. I've made and own fursuits of both characters and also of 2 other minor characters, Trixi the skunkette and marflebark the orange and blue canine.

I usually go by the username of GroggyFox on things like LJ, FA, etc. with the exception of AIM which is gr0ggyf0x. I also run a home server which is located at

Hope to see you around ^^