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Hello everyone!

What's up, this is GreyWolfMaxius, and I love the furry fandom, it's basically my "pursuit of happiness" and here's how it all started.

Table of Contents:

1.1 - Start of My Furry!

2.1 - Maxius Hikishi

2.2 - Sparky Fox

1.1 - Start of My Furry!

I was sitting in the computer room one night searching the internet. I went to google images and searched "wolf" well, I looked thought about 50 pages and I eventually stumbled onto some anthro pics. I took a liking to them and click on a couple to see what site they were from. They took me to an artist's site (can't remember the name) and I got the chance to look into his/her pics.

As I said before, I took a liking into the artwork itself, so I spent the next 2 years in practice of this artwork (I'm still not that good but whatever) by means of searching youtube for speed drawing videos. Then, about 6 months passed with me doing nothing furry related at all (at this point I still didn't know what it was called) so I went further into youtube/google. I finally got to the furry Wikipedia page of "the furry fandom" I read it and liked everything about it. After peaking at the recources, I was brought to the most pleasent place i've ever been to, furaffinity.

Made an account, then, i made my greywolfmaxius account on youtube and well, here I am, doing low quality tablet work, livestreams, and conversating with that in which i love the most. I finally found what makes me happy. Then, I told my mom about it, She brought an eppisode of CSI (or some show like that) and made me watch it. (at this time, I had barely known what YIFF was) when i learned more about it, i thought it was something that i would never do. but now, i have thoughts about it, you gotta keep your mind in the mix, if you never try something, you will never know. But im saving that kind of stuff for later. So brings us to today, a bisexal dude alone in love but booming in friendship both inside, and outside the fandom itself.

2.1 - Maxius Hikishi

Maxius Hikishi was my orriginal and first character. He is also the star of my neglected web-book "Darkness Arise" (i say neglected because it was started about a year ago and only 2 chapters have been put into words, I constantly think of stuff to add, but I either don't have the time, or can't put it into words) He has a mate that may or may not exist in the furry fandom, if you just so happen to be named Jane, then dont regard this as so, Jane is a character in the book that maxius gets with later (*SPOILER*) Anywho, Maxius is serious and boring (grey, and white fur with a bit of blue, not the most upbeat character design) Plus, he has no representation of me in any way. SOOOOO I made SparkyFox

2.2 - Sparky Fox

Sparky Fox is my primary/main character, He represents me the most and I love him and his design. (Green back/sides, White front/belly/butt, 3 yellow dots on either ear, and a purple ear ring on his right ear) he Loves rave/techno/trance music (AS DO I) and he loves to sing and dance (AS DO I EVEN THOUGH I SUCK) he is bisexual (maxius is not, but i am) and he loves to meet new people. So there you have it, thats my main character.

Other personal info

I love any comedy movies

I love techno/trance/rave/60's/70's/80's/alternative rock/j-rock/art genre's in music

I love PIZZA

I love............ Waggin'