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Greskil Vulfhart Age - 26 Born - 1981 Species - Wolf (part husky) Greskil1.jpg

Entered the fandom at the end of october 2006, where he was a labrador fursona. He started work on the suit after seeing many pictures from conventions and finding some interesting sites on suit building. His first partial suit (later to become a full suit) was made by january 2007 taking him 1 month to make and after being in the fandom for 2. Since then he has also made a wolf partial with custom clothing and also made a black/white canine suit for Eurofurence 13 which took a week to make just before the convention. As well as making basic suits, he also made a couple of parts (head, some paws and a couple of tails) for some furs in the UK. Also, he has been drawing for a long time, ever since he was young, he was doodling and sketching different things, going from sonic and tails (in 1994) and helicopters and planes, through drawing cars, and cartoons, upto his new pictures of anthropomorphics.

He also loves music, be it creating, writing, dancing to, or just listening (also had a time at DJing, but not much). Worked on many dance songs (techno/trance/rave) on his pc as well as playing guitar and learning other instruments too. Another music based creation he likes is the Bemani games series (beatmania, DDR, etc...) and is also a big fan of computer games, and is trying to also work on 3D animation and charactors at the moment.

Has some of my art work on FA [1]

Is hoping to get his fursona suit this year from Noble productions [2] as he likes his suit style and his charactors look great.

Since his first convention (Eurofurence 13 in 2007) he wanted to go to more and do more, and in december last year went to South Africa to visit some ZA Furs [3] he met on art sites and forums, and organised a mini convention over there with their help. Since his first step into the Furry Fandom, he has tried his best to do as much for the community as he possibly can, helping wherever possible.

He has a steady job, but would love to go into the animation business sometime, working on anthro charactors and storylines.

  • updated from AC2008* I managed to get my noble suit now so i have my fursona sorted out.