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When to start a WikiProject
  • Topic you are passionate about needs help
  • Important subtopics not covered
  • Articles lack rigour and citations, languish without edits
  • Drive quality improvements (ultimately: featured topic)
  • Foster sense of community among internal topic editors
  • Bring in editors from external topic-specific communities
  • Support external interests within Wikipedia's boundaries
when _not_ to start a WikiProject
  • It's just too small
    • Try organizing on the talk page of the main topic
    • Consider starting a task-force of an existing group
  • Your topic is largely unverifiable, or:
  • More detailed/original coverage than Wikipedia allows
    • Start a separate wiki, bring some topics back later
    • WikiProjects are about better articles, not necessarily more
The mindset you need
  • Meta-admin. You're designing a mini site within Wikipedia.
    • What's a new reader going to need? Where's the gaps?
  • Housekeeper. The project coordinators get to do the grunt work.
  • Community builder. Editors are precious, search for consensus.
  • Wear your Wikipedia hat. WikiProjects can't avoid policy.
External project deliverables
  • Assessment (assessment guidelines)
  • Overview (topic portal)
  • Infoboxes and navboxes (project talk page)
  • What are you *not* doing? WP:NOT on a small scale.
  • What will your editors know more about than anyone else?
  • Don't overreach yourself by tagging unrelated aritlces
  • Example: WP:FURRY - not werewolves, not all anthropomorphic animals
  • Seek to expand within your scope. Aim for a scope of 100+ articles.
  • Make a mission statement
Internal processes
  • Good/featured content drive
  • Peer reviews (review page)
  • Requested articles
  • Todo
  • Categories
Internal promotion
  • Userboxes
  • Project banner tags on talk pages of *relevant* articles
    • Vital for Wikipedia 1.0 inclusion
  • Personal intorductions/talk templates
  • Project newsletters
  • Barnstars
External promotion
  • Forum posts
    • Keep them updated with progress/interesting articles
  • Mailing lists
  • Chat
  • Embassy/partnership with topic-specific sites (esp. wikis)
What should you end up with?
  • Better (and perhaps more) articles
  • Better (and perhaps more) editors