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The Player[edit]

The player behind the character, Casey Moore, was first introduced into the Furry Fandom in October 2004 officially. Prior to proclaiming himself as a furry, he was a big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, and still is to this day. Casey realized he was a furry after spending a year's time on a Webcomic Website called Altermeta. Originally he didn't know what a furry was, and he didn't want to openly admit it on the Altermeta forum because he was afraid of what people would think... however, upon discovering that everyone on Altermeta, that uses a character from there, considered themselves as a furry, Casey began to show his true colors.

His first character was a Kuvrahk (based off Casey Young's webcomic, Altermeta) named Drake Frost. The Kuvrahk Drake was based off a story character Casey had been developing for his Teenager story called "Ring of Chaos: The Sundering." Drake was a mid-sized human with a slender body, usually dressed in a black trench coat with all black clothing, and beneath his coat he would carry two 12-Gauge shotguns. His hair was long and black, usually in a ponytail setup, and he had blue eyes. The Kuvrahk version of Drake had spikey, anime-like brown hair, blue eyes, and black skin to compensate for his trench coat. He wore a red shirt with white lines around the sleeves, a sword medallion, and black cargo pants. Drake was known mostly for his behavior; he was very much a social outcast and was bullied a lot as a child, but to make up for his somewhat first-glance angry behavior, Drake is a total smart ass and will crack a joke towards you if he thinks of something witty.


Soon after the creation of Drake Frost, Casey delved into drawing him and other Kuvrahk drawings over the course of two years before moving on to other things. However, Casey quickly had his attention drawn away from... drawing. His attention switched over to a game called Second Life, where his furry persona finally started to show itself in a better way.

Second Life[edit]

When Casey signed up for Second Life in 2006, he used the name Alexandro Holgado. Originally he wanted his name to be Alexander, based off the character "Alexi" from Starcraft, but it was taken... so he went with Alexandro. It bothers Casey that he is asked, and quite frequently, "Do you speak Spanish?" Casey fails to see how your name defines what language you speak, but it's of no concern of his.

When he first started playing Second Life, he did some searching around for things that interested him and he quickly became part of the Star Wars Role Play Community. For 3 years now, he has been an active Star Wars Role Play member, but it's not uncommon to hear him bitch about how he's been in Star Wars Role Play for 3 years and has never advanced past Padawan in the Force Sensitive class (Apparently because all his previous masters abandoned him).

Casey, or Alexandro, can be found in various other locations besides Star Wars RP as well. Alexandro tends to hang around Northstar from time to time, pending on if he knows anybody there or not. If there's nobody there that he knows, he will often teleport away to his home location or some such. Alex can also be found in the Furnation Heroes sim, as he pays for the rent for himself and 2 other people.

Your best bet, however, to find Alex is in Ruusan, as he rarely travels elsewhere.

Alex tends to dress as a white bunny with a rather gothic look to him. Casey does not consider himself to be gothic, but he makes his RP character seem insane.


GrayForce is Casey's primary furry character at this time. GrayForce is a shapeshifter, because Casey can never really settle on one true form for GrayForce. Often times, he'll say GrayForce is a Dracolupine (Dragon / Wolf Mix), but also tends to be all fox or some form of canine. Casey uses the name "GrayForce" on various different websites, some of which include: - Where he hosts his webcomic WikiFur Etc.

Elder Scrolls Oblivious[edit]

Elder Scrolls Oblivious, or ESO for short, is Casey's webcomic. He started the comic on February 3rd, 2009, after apparently wanting to do it for some extended period of time. He finally settled on the idea that 'your art doesn't need to be great, so long as the comic is funny.' ESO is, if not obnoxiously obvious, based off the Bethesda Video Game, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Casey has seen too many opportunities within this game to just let them pass off as minor jokes, so he felt he had to express his own sick jokes to the game.

The comics are all hand drawn, usually with graphite and containing no color, but the strips he makes up are amusing to those who have played Oblivion. If you have not played Oblivion, or haven't played through the whole story, some of the comic may be confusing.

Outside Life[edit]

Yeah Right...

But seriously, Casey works for a company called Tariff Affiliates as a Data Entry employee. He scans documents, enters the data, opens mail, and occasionally cleans up his desk. It sounds boring, but there are only about 10 employees in the entire building, so they consider each other as family / good friends. Casey, however, is almost always near a computer. His hands have actually suffered an issue where, even when his hands are relaxed, they tend to curl up some from typing away at the keyboard so much.

Casey was once an active student at Finger Lakes Community College in New York State, but he had to drop out due to a serious medical issue. Casey has, according to the Hospital, "The second worst case of Sleep Apnea the Hospital has seen in their entire practice." Casey's short attention span, low stamina, and difficulty with learning can all be linked to his sleep apnea, as can his weight problem. Casey hopes to receive surgery sometime in the near future to avoid any unnecessary medical issues any time soon.


That's right, Casey has Autism. Casey 'suffers' from Aspergers Syndrome, Bipolar Syndrome, and Klinefelters Syndrome. If you don't know what those syndromes are, it would be best to do a search on the interweb. Casey has no shame in telling people his disabilities, as he believes it helps people understand him better and to better predict how he will handle certain things. Casey also has slight Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, as he likes to perfectly spell out his writing on the internet, and it annoys him to high heaven when he sees something like, "Hay u, ya u, com ovr here" He thinks if you're too lazy to type two extra letters (IE: You instead of U, or Why instead of Y) then you will never get anywhere in life. Casey can be very cruel towards humanity... he thinks humanity is a plague to this planet and he hates every single human... even though he realizes he himself is a human, he does not discard the knowledge that he himself is part of the blight. He doesn't often like to speak of his hatred for Humanity, and with good reason, so do not speak to him of it or you will be in for it.

Casey also suffers from an extreme case of Stress, and so he will often be seen with terrible scars on his arms and legs, but not from cutting. Casey tends to get a lot of Mosquito bites on his arms and legs, and he will scratch them open very often, so seeing a ton of scars on Casey's arms is not surprising. He likes to think that he's not stressed anymore, and so he believes it's mostly due to his subconcious way of dealing with problems.