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About Me Umm....... Ima Just speak and see what comes out Im A Goth and a furry I haz AMAZING friends and at the moment i think they might have forgotten about me D: Umm.... Ima Furry And I Am A Nutcase My Fursona If you must know is a Half Bunneh Half Wolf With Wait for it..... WINGS! My name Is Yasmine... I know not really exciting *LeShrug* I guess Im sarcastic and am a complete opposite of justin beiber..... Justin Beiber Is a Girl right? Hes Not? FTW? xD lol Jk What i mean To says was im a complete opposite of a gurly girl Umm... My family hate me and wish i was dead ;_; I haz awesome online friends and an awesome online BF at the moment I love to read And Thats all i can think of sowwie Peoplez! :3 xx Likes Metal And Rock Music, Dance, Music, Video Games (Gory and Action), Reading, My Awesomeness Friends Obviously, My Awesomeness Online Friends, My Awesomeness Online BF, ALL OF YOU ON VF :3 xXxXxXxXxXx :3 <3 Dislikes Chavs (Some are nice but ive had a quite few bad experiences with some), School O_e, Pricks and Bitches, Homophiobes, Racists, Ageists, People who thrust religion into your fucking face, Any Type of person who judges or discriminates, When People Keep Back Stabbing me :(, When People Act as if im Invisible, My brother, My Uncle :( Favorite Music Metal, Rock, My Chemical Romance, HollyWood Undead, Black Veil Brides, Sum41, Escape The Fate, Tenacious D, Ect.