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Collin aka Golden Bullet or "Golden" or "B" in short. He got his nickname from long time friends and his co-worker before the time when he became a part of the fandom,therefore,not a furry name but many knows him by that and it stuck since. Friends called him "Golden" during middle school 'cause he wore a golden buckled belt(which he still does). His first job workin' as a stock guy his stock manager called him "Bullet" 'cause he did the job fast. One day his friends talked with his stock manager in the store parking lot and talked,thus the 2 nicks merged from the convo. Collin is male, Chinese, 29 y/o,grew up in San Francisco, considers himself a workaholic, serious for the most part. Work at Stanford University full time and operates a side job in moving, handyman, photography. He tends to find challenges and set goals to reach. Staying out of trouble, helping others when he can and socializing whether online or offline. He's very engaging in conversations in most topics one can think of and feels this knowledge can possibly lead to common understanding and thus better people as a result. His interests in the fandom started about 14 years ago and wondered where the characters came from of those of Disney or even the Kellogs cereal mascots. Got dialup internet and was a forum goer and soon made many new friends as a result. He made his first trek to AC (Anthrocon) in 2007 and attended since. FC (Further Confusion) 08 and onward. Califur 09.