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General Info[edit]

My name is Holden Tanner, I plan on making my own comic/table top RPG. My mode of operation is my business. I am a Latter-Day Saint [[1]] Furry from Ogden Utah. I have several fursonas/characters that I like to play or write as. My top two are Tybalt Brewer and Glen Taylor. Glen came into being after I reflected on how Tybalt was not exactly representing who I am accurately anymore. Eventually I'll get to Tybalt as soon as possible. So if you are waiting for that article, hold your horses okay?

Glen Taylor[edit]

Basically, Glen is my new preferred Fursona, if you can call him that.


Physical Appearance[edit]

Glen Taylor is a tiger shifter[[2]] at about the age of 19. He stands at about 5 ft 11 in and weighs 265 pounds. He is a bit of a big guy but he never really lets that get to him. He has soul piercing brown eyes with shaggy reddish brown hair that falls to about his neck. He has a sideburns that frame his face even more. His nose, is just like every other shifters, flat and like an animal, in this case a feline.


T-shirt and jeans, usually cool colors.


Glen is Glen, that is the best way to really describe him. He is determined to do anything he really sets his mind to, and that provides an issue for him. If he isn't motivated, or thinks it is just a waste of time, he won't do it. He wears his heart on his sleeve and it is often considered his Achilles heal by those who know him. He loves self-expression through music and writing as well as cartooning. He does have a short temper that is short lived when it blows. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and family, considering traitors that sell out either to be the scum of the earth. He does have his moments when we will just cry himself to sleep over little things that his conscience will blow out of proportions. He is reflective and constantly thinking, which can at times lead him into day dreaming. He is devotedly religious to the church of The Lord. Over all, he is a good guy at heart. And he is straight.


Glen is a 19 with tremendous responsible, which he finds rather annoying. He, being the first born son in his family was assigned the duty to act as the Herald and Diplomat in all affairs that require his Clan to make an appearance. Also, he is required to know the clan's history and accomplishments in the world, melee combat, music, poetry and stories. He is extremely good at this but will often take routes that are considered unconventional for others in his position. For example one of his last negotiations went something like this.

Orcish Diplomat: Now you listen to me, I care not for what you're clan's complaints. We need not worry about fuzz faced annoyances like you.

Glen: Is that so? [Glen pulls out an 8 shot revolver. An oily click is followed by a gunshot, then an orc bodyguard falling to the floor, a hole right between his eyes. He then points the barrel at the diplomat] Then let me tell you, if you continue to pursue this irrational course of action, I'll be forced to bring the full wrath of my clan to force you and yours out, by any means necessary. Do you understand? [The orc nods solemnly] Good, lets get that in writing and have lunch, I know this real good Dwarven Tavern near by, care to come?

However, these instances where he needs to act as a diplomat and a herald are usually annually, unless there is a crisis that needs the clan's attention, which is extremely rare.

Besides his current standing in his family as the diplomat and herald, he is going to the Guilds (University) to go into business and commerce, with an emphasis on the arts. He finds himself to be very interested in the arts (music and writing especially), even to the risks of his grades at the Guilds. He has been know to pull all-nighters to pull a grade out of the toilet so he can continue to pursue his interests and carve a career out of them instead of acting as the clan's diplomat all his life.

He does have a day job, mostly because his parent's won't pay all of the Guild's tuition. He works as a solider for the City State of Alta Montange, a Theocratic Democracy, in the city of Farr. He is the Melee Combat specialist of Unit 16. It pays well, though he is in a constant state of on call, if something really nasty were to strike. He has seen his share of abnormalities, from demons to gangs of Orcs terrorizing the general public of Farr. His associates include Martin Stonefist (a dwarf), Daniel Savage (An Otter Shifter), Jeffery Gemshot (an Elf), James Hales (A Human), Actorus Maugh (A Changeling), Sasha Swift (A Human) and Ruby Aura (Half Elf).

Glen's World[edit]

The plane that Glen and the others live in is very similar to this Earth's set up, but the governments are set up differently. There is the Western Confederation, which includes (from west to east) Mar Vallen, Oesetel Basin, Alta Montangen, The Plains Confederacy, Nordium, Zuidena, the Exiled States, the Frozen Waste to the north, the Adentes Deserts to the south and even farther south is the Selvan Area, an untamed jungle. Although, each one of these territories are signed into a confederate alliance, they share an uneasy truce riddled with espionage, covert war parties and other things that threaten to destroy the peace settled by the Western Confederacy and throw it back into a state of civil war. To the east, across the sea, you have the Entente Alliance which unifies the eastern powers under one banner, though, it is still just as corrupt as the Western Confederacy.

The Western Alliance[edit]

There is a Senate which passes the laws on a federal level and a House of Representatives which votes on the laws, though the confederacy has massive power, most of it comes from the separate city states. It does keep things in line with the stable constitution of the confederacy.

Mar Vallen[edit]

A city state that controls one of the most fertile places on the face of the planet, its major source of production is its sunny skies and balmy temperatures to the south and the the beautiful scenery to the north. It boast one of the most diversified and welcoming places in the Western Confederacy. It runs a Democracy, with a Senate System running the politics of the city state. It does hold a high leftist view on nearly everything making its loud voice heard over the airwaves. It is rife with corruption due to money and scandals of public officials are common place in this area.

Osetel Basin[edit]

This city state, has often been referred to by all city states as the breeding ground for sin. It is completely neutral with its political views, mostly because it sees that if one says something to offend the other, it is bad for their business. Their business is one of gambling, prostitution, alcohol, and espionage. The political system is heavily based on who pays the mob bosses the most to get elected.

Alta Montangen[edit]

A Theocratic Democracy, meaning, there are elections but it helps if you are of the dominate religion of Alta Montangen, which is the Church of the Lord. They are a rather accepting bunch of people, most of them anyway, and due to the fact that the city state is stretched across one of the longest mountain ranges in the world, it stretches through 3 different climate zones and as such, the residents of this city state take advantage of it. They in all fact could annex themselves from the confederacy and survive on there own, until the military arm came to wipe them from existence. They prefer to be neutral in their standings, but they swing to the conservative side of things more often then not.

The Plains Confederacy[edit]

There is a confederacy within the confederacy, mostly because of the lack of a real single government. This is divided up into the High Plains, Low Plains and the Mid Plains. On the High plains, the ruling class are nomads, who couldn't really give a fart about the Western Confederacy. At the Low plains, It is mostly built up after the image of Zuidena, in a feudal class democracy. This tends to swing to the right of the political spectrum. The middle plains is built after Nordium, with a left swinging democracy. This is mostly an agricultural area with plenty hunting for the nomads.


The Industrial capital of the Confederacy, Nordium has massive expendable wealth. It has lead to lavish lives and leftest view points. It is also, the confederacy's strongest military force. However, it has no real natural resources for its own exploitation. That doesn't stop it from taking it from others. It is a Forum ran Democracy allowing every to pose an opinion towards the officials and let them bring it to the public.


Step back in time for a second, you'll encounter Zuidena. It is a Feudal Democracy, the elected officials are from an elite class that owns massive tracks of land for farming. It, like Nordium is a military strong arm for the Confederacy but it has more of a moral ethic about thievery. However, this place has an issue with intolerance towards most races. They are predominately Human, Dwarven, and halfling ran, and they show some disgust of other races, especially shifters, anthropics (Furries) and tengu. They are extremist Right Wing.

The Exiled States[edit]

These are the states that are separated by the main land by water, each with its own unique culture. United, they do not swing either way.

The Frozen Waste[edit]

Though, not uninhabited as most think, the Frozen Waste is a land of icy beauty. It has no standing military to defend itself, but it is one of the best industrial centers right after Nordium. It swings to a libertarian beat mostly. It is a democracy.

The Adentes Desert[edit]

The Adentes Desert, is inhabited, but sparsely. It mostly is home to orcs and nomads. There is no real political system set up apart from clans.

The Selvan Area[edit]

Not much is know about this place, but rumored to hold vast amounts of treasures. Very few can even say whether it is true or not. Many journey to find out, few come back to tell the tale.


Although Glen is very similar to the shifter character race in Eberron, on a whole, he and others like him, are not carbon copies of Eberron Shifters.

(A Note from Holden) Although, it seems like I have a pretty good story thing here going, I would like to ask anyone for help. That would be great, e-mail me at