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Ginger Red Fox was created in 2014 after a long journey through the years by Melanie Guillot.She is a spunky true red fox that has a lot of sex appeal but uses it for good. When I was a child my father's father would go hunting in the winter time and always hunted fox. I would always protest because they had such pretty tails and were so elegant. I remember a gorgeous picture of a fox hanging in the living room and caught myself staring at it for hours on end. As i grew older it became like a confidant when something was bothering me or even when things were good I talked to the picture and it was a friend. In my teen years I began to think girl you crazy always talking to this damn fox, so I quit talking to the picture. But then I started seeing a gorgeous red fox that waked and talked in my head regularly and she then became my best friend. I confided in my parents that my best friend was a fox that walked and talked and only i seen it. I was instantly put in therapy and told that what i was doing and seeing wasn't real and it needed to stop. I was made to believe i was crazy and that i needed to grow up and quit believing in make believe, So she disappeared and i didn't see her for many years. I met a friend in May of 2014 and he began to ask me if I knew what a furry was and how I felt about animals. I was hesitant at first but then opened up and told him everything and he said I think you are a furry but we need to test it out a bit. He began to ask me more questions and showed me fursuiters and furry art and i was so drawn and Ginger started to come back to my mind. Although her name was not there yet she never had a name as I was a child or teen. One night as my friend and i were talking on Xbox he said what would you describe your fursona as if you really made one? I proceeded to describe her and look for pictures to maybe show him exactly what i was describing. The funniest thing happened next, as I found the perfect pic and sent it to his phone, meanwhile at the same time he was sending me a sketch he had drawn up. It was the same image just tweaked here and there. I fell in love and knew then and there he was right and i was a furry! he then asked what her name was and I sat and thought and the only thing I kept hearing in my head was "Ginger my name is Ginger." So I told him her name is Ginger. Soon after i started looking at my picture and she told me her story or i dreamed up her story depending on your views on things like this. and it goes like this.

Ginger was born to a normal middle class fox family but always looked a little different...she was the brightest reddish-pink color you had ever seen. She was raised believing she didn't fit in on the "right side of the woods" and that she got attention for all the wrong reasons because everyone talked about how fluffy and perfect her tail was and how bright her coloring was. So one day when she was a teen she ventured through the woods where everyone told her not to go the "wrong side of the woods." When she found her way through to the other side she met some friends that were great and loved her for who she was and thought that her color and tail should be shown off and never hidden. She had one friend in particular was a snow leopard named Ahmi that always boosted her ego and said she should follow her heart no matter what. Ginger got kinda the wrong idea from those statements and started working at a strip club where she was the star! she worked the pole like a pro from the beginning and thought she had made it big when she was asked to go to Japan to a premiere club and work. Ginger had never left the woods so she jumped on the chance to go. She was doing well in the club she worked at as she expected. One night as she walked home from work she seen this beautiful red panda across the street talking to some other furs and knew she had to meet him. She put on her sassiest walk and strutted across the street and said "hey cutie how you doing tonight?" his friend responded before he had a chance and said "Girl I am fine and so are you!" She quickly quipped back "Don't flatter yourself panther I was talking to the panda!" He got red in the face and shied away so quick neither knew what to do. So she asked the panther "What name does he go by?"and he told her "well I guess I will tell you but first I'm Dex and you a sassy fox face aren't you?" She told him she was and asked again "What's his name I want to know him sorry panthers just aren't my style big boy."So he told her his name was Monti and he was shy at first but once you get to know him he is very fun to be around. So Ginger strutted up to Monti introduced herself and proceeded to tell him that he was going to be hers. He as before was bashful but this time you could see he was interested. So she wrote her number on a tissue and sealed it with a kiss and put it in his pocket. the rest as you can say is history. They started dating and eventually Monti made Ginger realize her beauty could be used for good instead of the trashy stuff she was doing. She quit her job and started doing charity work with the fur family she had made with Monti and even though none of them were blood they were family just the same. They worked lived and breathed their motto "Never let another person take away your self-worth. You are perfect the way you are stand tall, be proud, and love yourself!