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GenghisKhan44 is a human who absolutely hates furries and has signed on to WikiFur JUST to troll and dismantle WikiFur page by page! Fear for your tails!!!

Just kidding.

Actually, he is a human, but likes furries, and RPs as one occasionally. He does not have any official avatar, but does appear as Vinni Pukh (the Russian Winnie the Pooh) dressed in Eastern Christian robes when he speaks on his religious YouTube videos. (His account used to be GenghisKhan44, but is now SorokChyetirye.)

He is devoutly Catholic, and is reading his Bible and attending the Mass frequently. He usually prefers the religious advice of other Catholics and Orthodox, though he now understands Protestants and Jews are not damned of themselves. But they are incomplete in their worship of God. Despite this, he sees that many Protestants love the Lord with a fiery passion (which Genghis wishes more of his fellow Catholics would have), and he believes most Protestants also know God loves them - something he (and many Catholics) forgets often.

He is also a Grammar NAZI. He takes the English language very seriously and gets irate when people use sloppy grammar, spelling, and punctuation. However, if he has the opportunity to be corrected, he will gladly take it, from anyone. And despite being from America, he intermingles British and American English.

He does like Sabrina Online and Las Lindas (he also has a weak spot for bodacious females), and actually enjoys the story lines of them. To him, they're not (just) skin comics; they truly are stories with moral and artistic value. He likes Zig-Zag and imagines she has a Russian accent.

He also rambles too much.