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Introduction/About Me[edit]

Hello, I am GeekoGecko. Slim 6 foot tall bright green anthropomorphic gecko, 19 years of age.

I live in the small tropical North Queensland town of Proserpine, Australia.

I'm new to most things furry, There isn't much furry activity up here that I'm aware of. If there was, sadly I don't think I would have time for it...

So you'll just catch me here, flicking through this Wiki.

My Furcode[edit]

You may learn a little more about me by decoding my furcode :-)

Furcode (decode): FD3admrw A C- D H+ M P R+ T- W Z- Sm+ RLCT a- cbdlnouvw++++ d+++ e+ f- h+++ iw+++ j p++ sm+