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Natural Diet[edit]

Feeding the Fuzzyroo is fairly simple. The creature enjoys most meat products such as beef, chicken, pork, fish, and what not. Bacon and bbq seem to be his favorite meaty substances. Although he is a "Carnivorous kangaroo" he also enjoys bread, and some vegetables and fruits. It also loves potatoes and munches apples here and there as well.

Physical weaknesses[edit]

The Fuzzyroo has a very sensitive epidermis (the most sensitive areas are top of head, ears, palms of hands, soles of feet, and other very obvious areas.) Any sort of stimulation to any part of the kangaroo covered in skin results in a puddle of gelatinous kangaroo. please bring rubber gloves and collection unit to store the kangaroo until it can re-solidify.

Mated Status and Orientation[edit]

Fuzzyroo is bisexual and is currently mated to a lovely human [[non-fur] named Rick. Although the roo is mated, carnivorous kangaroos enjoy the benefits of having a very open relationship and has been happily mated for 2 years.

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