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Furry Play is a friendly community minded furry site that caters to all the furries out there that just don't fit in with the bigger sites out there for whatever reasons, Furry Play is the home of "The world" an Roleplay for all skill levels.

The sites objective is to allow user to have a good time there and with a family like atmosphere, to allow the comfort of being anything you are without attacks on ones opinions, beliefs, Kinks and preferences. Furryplay encourages users to be who they are, to set free of everyone else's expectations.


Furry play is a site created with for a non serious Rp that everyone can enjoy, Thought it has only been created a short while ago it quickly expanded and continues to expand thanks to the help of the Staff and it's Members,and is constantly looking for new members

Creation date April 19, 2007 to present and growing

The Roleplay section consists of six sections[edit]

The first: The Random Roleplay, Where anyone even guest can post, it is a place where you can feel free to be non serious and meet new friends.

The second: Is "The World" Where everyone is welcome to join with any skill level it is based off of BOTB a Rp that you may chose between three sides Resistance, Empire, or Touched.

The third: Is General Roleplay where you can feel free to join an existing Rp or create your own.

The fourth: Is for private Rp where you can feel free to read but posting is limited to those who the original poster allows, usually One on One Rp's.

The fifth: Is Roleplay log's A place where you can fell free to post your off site Rp's for others enjoyment and interests.

The sixth: is My Fursona A place where you can post the different characters you Rp with.

And furry discussions Is a discussion of Daily furry stuff, lifestyles, classifieds, Arts and Writings.