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FurryGeek considers himself insane, claiming to have inherited that from his father. He tends to try to remain peaceful and kind, but can often be annoyed and provoked into an argumentative mood.

FurryGeek is both a writer and an editor for stories, though has yet to submit any chapters for a story, and so it is unknown just how good of an author he is.

A quote he tends to carry around sometimes would be "I'm no dork, though I may look like one, if you consider frizzy hair a trait of one."

He has a fear of Moths, though it is unknown why. Other than Moths and fleas, he tends to be compassionate to insects, bugs, and arachnids, and when others are harsh to such, including Moths, he quickly becomes angry. Fleas seem to be the only non-sentiental animal he has no problem with others killing, and even kills them on sight, most of the time.

A trait that frustrates him is his knack for saying irrational things without thinking, only to soon regret them.