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Furhio: Secret Squirrel of WikiFur[edit]

Super Secret Squirrel: Furhio

My goal: to provide the truth, and as much information as possible on controversial articles.

I am a furry artist who lurks among the depths of the internet, passively watching events unfold. My job, so to speak, is to find articles that need help portraying the truth in a non-confrontational manner. What I have to say, good or bad, is not personal to anyone. Whether I agree or not is not what matters. What is important is that people know what really goes on behind the scenes.

I am not a documenter of drama, I am a researcher of truth. I study the situation and draw out what I can observe from it.

Completed Investigations[edit]
Current Investigations[edit]

About the Squirrel[edit]

Ok, here I am. Nuts please.

As you can guess, I am a fur myself. My fursona is a flying squirrel, although on WikiFur I portray myself as a monochromatic, flying squirrel character with resemblance to Secret Squirrel. I am indeed female. :) And no, I do not have a Morocco Mole running around with me.

If there is an article that is brimming with controversy, and you need help to search for the truth, you may always enlist in the service of Furhio, the Secret Squirrel of WikiFur!

Please send nuts. -- Furhio 19:52, 1 June 2008 (UTC)