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Fudgy Shep

Fudgy Shepherd, also known as Fudgy or Shep, is a furry who lives in Northern Ireland, Ireland. His fursona is a German Shepherd.

He is a furry from the Causeway coast in Northern Ireland. His fursona sometimes wears a blue collar. Fudgy is a taller shep standing at 6'5" and has large hand and feet paws. Fudgy is most often spotted on tractor forums, but
Fudgy Shep at work
also UKFur.org, where he most often seen in the motors section and often visits the fursuit section. He is also very much into his farm and plant machinery, he has a love for tractors, land rovers and motocross, in which he has a love for KTM.

He loves art and has many references & commissions and hopes to get a fursuit soon.

Fudgy is a member of the Irishfur community which includes around 30 furs spread around the island of Ireland.

Fudgy can most often be seen in the hills of Donegal in the northwest of the Republic of Ireland, where he works on a farm and horse stable yard, thoroughly enjoys this area and hopes to move there for life in a few years once he has finished his education, which is in architecture.

If he is not on the farm he will be seen working in the theatre, as Fudge has a massive interest in stage work and in stage & theatre lighting. Most of the time he can be spotted poking his muzzle in among the back stage area trying to see what he could play with.

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