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Fu-dog Albert Joy Rodriguez(born 1994,) is a furry artist from San Antonio,Texas, USA but currently lives in Mulberry Florida. He's goes to school at mulberry high school _______________________________________________________________________________________

Fursona Fu-dog's fursona is a fat brown Sharpei weighing in at about 215lbs. He usually wears a red t-shirt, blue jean shorts, and a black collar w/ a gold tag.


Furry involvement

Fu-dog joined the furry fandom in 2008, when he joined deviantART. He planned to join under the name Fu-dog, however this was already taken and so he used "Fu-dogplz", This user name is used only on deviantART. On Youtube and twitter however, his user name is "Fudog10102". In the same year Fu-dog joined Fur Affinity under the user name of "fu-dog". Art mainly consists of fatfurs. _______________________________________________________________________________________