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Funa Ciele Cusuibhne

"Funa" sounded pretty, but is apparently a type of fish. "Ciele" is an old English word meaning "cold" (compare chilly and icicle), while her surname shows partial descent from an old clan of wild dogs, the modern translation being something akin to "pleasant dog".

"Fuyuko" was an alias from my anime-kid days, shortened to the already commonly used form to shake off the Wapanese connotations. It was recently retconned to be a shortening of "Funa", another acquired nickname.

is a cat/collie hybrid,

Cat from her mother, dog from her father. Her father, while sure of generations of collie parentage on his mother's side, is fairly certain there is a generous amount of cat on his father's side. He takes his mother's family name, as he was cut off from his father at an early age for unknown reasons, making Fu and her sisters an abnormality - two (apparent) cats and a very catlike dog with a surname almost exclusive to one breed of dog. Fu's mother believes she has horse and fox within four generations.

These are loosely based on my real life family and ancestry.

an artist and graphic designer

At college, she studied Fine Art (and dropped out) followed by Graphic Design (and dropped out). She currently makes a living out of putting brightly colored wristbands on small children. She's not sure what to do next.

These are facts.

from Essex, England.

Born and bred. She currently shares a flat with Pleut, along with a multitude of small rodents. They all hate washing up.

This is also a fact. Pleut doesn't quite have an enforced fursona, though she may evolve into a blue-grey cat in the future.

She is mated to Mouse

... who tends to go by her species name because her full name consists of over thirty words.

Mouse does have an enforced fursona, though it's open to interpretation, because I don't let nonfurriness get in the way of getting couple art like a good little furfag. She collects names.

Fu is a quiet fur, largely unremarkable in appearance and color

Fu is 5'3" and has a fairly thin figure with decent curves, though her long fur often makes her look wider than she is. Her base color is a bright, warm yellow, with sparse stripes and a white underside. Her main stripes are on each thigh and arm, three going down her back, and over the eyes, curving down off the face. Other faint stripes and patches run around the same areas, only succeeding in giving a slightly darker reddish tone. Her white underparts show from bottom lip to chest, then from midstomach to between thighs; it also marks her toes, palms and fingertips. Her inner ear also exhibits a large amount of white fluff.

Her eyes are a bright sky blue, and her headfur is the same mahogany brown, medium-long, thick and wavy. It's usually worn loose and unstyled, but recently she started sporting a dead-straight fringe. She has two piercings in her left ear and one in her right.

Unremarkable, but I can say a hell of a lot about it. This is me, with slightly more red in the hair... and with fluff. This is largely taken from one drawing I made back in 2002, with one minor redesign upon adoption of the sand cat species, and a second on the switch to her current species.

fond of shiny things,

She's been known to lose her trail of thought mid-sentence because a piece of tin foil was being blown down the street.

This happened. I have problems.


She owns two gerbils - Babybel Tiddlywink Black (Bella/Baby), an extreme spotted white, and Lucifer Apocalypse Х (Lucy), a whitepaw. She also owns/takes care of two rats on behalf of her sisters - Shay, a black-eyed seal point siamese and Petal, an Essex burmese. All these are female.

Also in the house is Pleut's dumbo rat, Logan, a gender-confused (biologically female, mentally male) mink point hooded siamese who has fallen in and out of Fu's possession.

Gerbil markings Rat colouring and markings

Fact. I was hungover and had help from various other people in the same state when naming the gerbils. The X is a Russian letter. Logan was a pet shop sexing fail but we can't be arsed/don't want to change his pronouns.

sweet cocktails.

Fu's trademark cocktail is the mojito, though she'll drink anything as long as it doesn't taste of gin or red wine. Despite her fondness for Irn Bru, she refuses to "taint" it with alcohol. She's also fond of fruity cider.

Irn Bru WKD doesn't count, it comes like that.

playing video games

She can usually be found with a DS in hand, filling up her Pokédex. Other favorite games are the Final Fantasy series, WoW, ancient PS platformers such as Spyro and Ape Escape, and more typically for a young woman, Animal Crossing and Singstar.

This is still me, are you expecting me to make up video game interests?

planning strange sunrise rituals.

Although brought up loosely Christian, this was in no way enforced. She now considers herself a pagan with universalist and chaotic influences, and she is of the opinion that the ultimate truth is next to - if not completely - impossible to discover, and that people should just pick a set of beliefs (or lack of) that makes them happy. In her case, it's some sort of neo-Wicca.


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