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Frosty Orca is an anthro orca. He is unique in the fact that he is a semi albino. He isn't black and white like most orcas; he is instead a mixed splotchy gray and white.

Frosty is very involved in the furry world, staffing Califur and Further Confusion. He also helps with the annual Southern CA Fur-B-Q and many other furry events in CA. At Conventions such as Califur and Further Confusion Frosty can usually be found in or around the theater, most likely working. He is a trained theater technician and an electrician, so when at cons that’s usually what he's doing on staff. He's especially easy to spot at Califur as he's more than likely wearing his electrician's bags (tool belt) and running around setting things up.

Frosty owns and hosts the site FrostyOrca.Com - White Orca Web He is also one of the head administrators of the furry board Furry-Furry

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