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Frazzle (cartoon artist and animator)

Frazzle is a cartoon artist and animator who actively contributes to the Furry Fandom since the mid 90ies, nowadays mainly through his small production label "WetVixen Productions". His most known characters are "Trixie Vixen" (an anthro vixen, often appearing as pin-up motif) and the namegiving "Frazzle" (a cartoon-style rat with a cliché manic lust for popping balloons).

SR-TX TrixieTanktop.jpg

His work can often be found as print portfolios, pin-up calendars or merchandise like mouse pads, coffee mugs and college bags, sold on various conventions, like for example the EuroFurence.

Also, there is an active account on FurAffinity, where he publishes under the name "Frazzle" as well.


There are two persons using the nickname Frazzle within the Furry Fandom. The other Frazzle is a fursuiter, who also goes by the nickname Frazzy626. As both are using the nickname Frazzle since quite some time now, they decided on a peacefull co-existence, knowing that they can be easily told appart - one is the guy who draws furries, the other one is the guy who wears them.

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