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Count Sergalo is a furry gamer and artist.


Count Sergalo is a ten foot five, 666 pound gray and white vampire sergal who wears a silky black loincloth attached to a dark gray belt, and a black and red royal vampire cape. Sergalo also possesses many dark powers including hypnosis, conjuring monsters, inhuman strength, speed, and senses as well as the ability to control fire. His eyes are normally aqua blue, but when in feeding or angry mode, his eyes are black with red slit pupils. He is a Spiritual Satanist and can be kind to any who respect him. He does, however, have a darker side, when he is angered he kills without mercy and tortures without compassion. He is considered to be homosexual and has a mystery mate that has not been revealed.

Character backstory[edit]

Vladimir Asmodeus Sergalo was born on June 6,1066 in the mysterious land of Fangsylvania. In the year 1081, Sergalo was named Count of the Kingdom after the passing of his father. His reign lasted two months before he was murdered on October 31st of that year. However, he was mysteriously brought back from the dead and took revenge on his killer by viciously devouring his flesh and draining his body of blood. Ever since Sergalo's death and resurrection on All Hallow's Eve, Fangsylvania has since been under his rule and continues to be to this day.

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