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(I will update my profile page whenver I have time)

Hello, my name is Foxstar3!

I am a fan of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. I have a roleplay site based on that series, called WRPS.

My fursona = Foxtail Foxtail - A dark ginger tabby she-cat with a long bushy red tail like a fox's, black paws and bright green eyes. She is kind and will help her friends when they need it. She can be aggresive, though, when it comes to dealing with other Clans. She loves going on border patrols, and sometimes she secretly hopes that a cat from another Clan would cross borders so she would have a excuse to yell at them. She has a sly heart, and as a kit she had always been good at getting out of trouble. She can be very persuasive and gets her way easily. She excels in fighting, and she's great at hunting. She's sometimes thinks about having a mate, but feels she isn't ready for one.