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Hi, my name's Foxinder! I'm pretty new to the furry fandom but I have identified myself as a furry when I was 14. I stumbled across the fandom when reading the Guiness world record book 2008 edition. "Largest Furry Fan Club"... sounded like my kind of thing!

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to take a look, and please don't edit this page.


I guess I can trace my interest with being a Fur all the way back to when I was just 7. If you've ever played Lylat Wars, you'll know that all the characters are anthropomorphic. My favorite animals are foxes, and the main protagonist was none other than Fox McCloud, a fox (the name pretty much gives it away). I loved that game, and I wished that I could become more like the characters- not what they do, more like what they think and what they feel. Sounded crazy when I first thought it, but meh, I was only 7 years old. Then 6 years later, at age 12, I got the guinness world records book (2008 version) for Christmas. I usually take a long time to read this, and I was reading the section on "Cults, Fans and Followers" when I found an entry on Furries. I thought it sounded cool, so I tried to find out more. It took me 2 years to find this site, but its been worth it, because now I can talk to people who share my interests!

About myself[edit]

I'm a fan of all things Nintendo, and my favorite of their series is Starfox,Zelda and Pokemon. I'm currently attending Secondry School in the UK (England), and I'm in year 10. My favorite subjects are media and art. I like spicy food and my favorite food of all time is those Pepperami Noodle things in Spicy flavor (they don't sell them anymore, but I can always make my own). My favorite animal is the fox but I also like dogs. I've got 2 dogs and a cat at home. The best things about life to me have to be anything that concerns religion (I get enough of that at school), chavs, emos (hate 'em both, but I generally like emos more because you don't get beat up every time you walk past one, unlike chavs), politics (how boring...), and PS3 nerds (360 ones are alright, but they still suck). I'm tolerant towards all walks of life, sexualities and personalities, so I'm not a judgemental person.

My Fursona[edit]

I'm basing this on my favorite animal, which is a fox. I like pokemon, and in particular 2 of them. One is Lucario (an anubis like blue pokemon with a white chest and spikes of the back of his hands and in the centre of his chest) and the other is Ninetales (a white fox pokemon with 9 curled up tails and red eyes). If I combine one of these pokemon into a set of clothes, we'd get the Lucario outfit from Pokemon Battle Revolution. My fox is a red fox with the same outfit on, and a beige backpack on his back for storing his various items. These items include a crossbow, which is where the Zelda part of my Nintendo fanhood is. If you get a Wii Zapper, you get a game in which Link (the main character) has a crossbow, marauding around various location and shooting at various things. Why does my Fursona carry a crossbow? Well, everyones got enemies, mines just got a few re than he expected, and you get the idea. Now put together a nice picture of all I said, and there's my Fursona (Could some kind person out there please draw a great picture of it for me? I'm not allowed to take up art supplies from the school, and I've got none at home.), based on the videogame series I love.

Thanks for reading my user page, hope you liked it and I'll see you later!

Foxinder 18:30, 2 March 2009 (UTC)