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Fox_Cub is a Fogolf that Attends Norwich meets in England. He is based on Ukfur and FurAffinity


Fox_Cub's Fursona is a Fox/Dog/Wolf or Fogolf for short. He is a Blue Fox With White paws and belly. His distinctive feature is his tail. It has 6 colours that range from light brown, brown, dark brown, darker brown, black and finally a white tip. Another feature he has is his ears. His right ear is bent and his left ear has a big bite mark out of it. Fox_Cub Officially Joined the Fandom in January 2013 however he created his fursona when he was 3 years old and kept it till this very day and has not changed him much. This confuses many people when they ask how long he has been in the fandom for. If he knew of the fandom when he was younger he would has joined then, but as he did not he remained confused and wondering why everyone around him did not see the world in the same way as he did.

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