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About Victor[edit]

ForrestFrrights also known as Victor is a Colorado fursuiter and fursuit maker. Victors main fursonas are Chris the jellyfish loving cat and Malaki the mutant weasel. They own many pets including three dogs (Charlie, Basil, and Nali), two cats (Tucker and Conrad), two birds (Jupiter and Carry), a guinea pig (Uptown Funk aka Kirby), and over 30 koi fish.


Chris The Cat (pastel blue, white, and pastel purple), Malaki The Mutant Weasel (pariwinkle and black), Willow The Mutant Bat/Raccoon (red, black, and grey), And Zero The Lion (white, black, and orange)


Victor usually goes to cons mainly in Colorado due to dispising travel. They go to Denver Comic con, Denver StarFest, and RMFC. They try to go to New York Comic con and Midwest Fur Fest but don't always get around to it.