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Flexingwolf Real name:Alfredo Lopez. Location:Cicero IL Birth:June 18 1990 art work summited on: [], []

Flexingwolf does not go by flexingwold on real life, he goes by werewolf but since the username was already taken he came up with flexingwolf which consists of his love for working out and muscular wolves^_^. Flexingwolf has been drawing for about 3 years so his art may be a bit crappy at times, however he plans to continue drawing to improve his skills with time. Most of flexingwolf's work is based on wolves and many of them tend to have a karate theme since flexingwolf does study the martial art of Kosho Ryu Kempo.

some of flexingwolf's faverite artists include Wolfoxokamichan, Djdarkfox, siriusdog, and Riggel.