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Flare Fox is from a little town in Southern Ohio called Hillsboro. Flare's real name is Dylan Bailey. As a child Flare always was fascinated by animals his favorite of them being The Red Fox. Flare grew up out in the country and always around wildlife. Flare discovered the Furry Fandom in October of 2014 but never really joined the Fandom until May 5, 2015. Flare came up with his sona as a fox because of his fond lova of foxes he came up with the name Flare because he is a wolf therian and his spirit animal name is Flare. Flare fox had no trouble making friends in the fandom. About 10 days after Flare joined the fandom he started asking if is friends wanted to join his group conversation and be furbuddies with him. On May 17, 2015 Flare's little chat group started really getting big and active and Furbuddies was born. Furbuddies Stayed just the group chat until July of 2015 when Flare created a Facebook group. After a few more months his Facebook group reached a few hundred members and Flare decided it was time to do something for his members. Flare decided to create Furbuddies. He designed a Website for his fellow members in hope of making a fun interactive place for all furries. It didnt work out like he had planned. Flare went through many struggles but then finally got some help From Sultz Z. Wolf and Snow Husky who later became co-owners of Furbuddies. They thought this solved the problem but it didnt. This kept them going but they never took off. They never could get any members to join they even relaunched 2 more times and put in a lot of work. Now Furbuddies has a lot more work put in and still open for people but never took off. Furbuddies need that Spark to get it going and staff willing to run it. Flare just stays in the fandom being a happy lovable furry making new friends and taking nature photos and is planning to try and write music in hopes to perform in front of all the fellow furries out there. Today Flare still works and upkeeps the bills and maintenance on Furbuddies in hopes it will take off.

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