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You my dear sir or madam have stumbled upon the Wiki-Fur page of Flamey. I suggest you click the back button and leave immediately because the information herein is both shocking and disturbing, however, if you really wish to continue to read, this disclaimer will end, and we’ll move straight into the exposition of deposition!

I see you have not heeded my warning, then I welcome you to… my writings. My? Who is this my might you ask? Let me introduce myself, I am Demi, everything Flamey does not want to be, but because I exist, he is sane, without me, he would slip past the very brink of reality and fantasy and disappear forever. Now that my introduction is over, allow me to introduce Flamey, which this page happens to be dedicated to.

Flamey in short can be summed up in three easy phrases: he is optimistic to the point of becoming delusional, he is sarcastically cynical, and seemingly sweet, innocent with a manipulative streak. There are a few other choice characters that might fit in such as: a nasty holier-than thou attitude that surfaces in some situations, a dangerous enjoyment of inciting riots and trouble, and generally dark and mischievous. Though these might not be good qualities, they are formed from the very base of his character and creation. Humans and animals have their baser instincts, Flamey has his own on top of those. Seemingly impossible to anger, calm and composed at all times, his mind is a jargoned mess of plans, thoughts, contemplations and plots. Though your trust in him will be well guarded, it comes at a price, a price which he himself isn’t even sure how to describe. You might ask how I can write these things about Flamey? Because I give these qualities to him, sure he may be sweet and innocent, but inside he still has his dark bit. And that’s me!

The physical character in itself is completely due to a dark and almost delicious past that the hellspawn might feast upon. Flamey, as most people are aware, or you shall be aware now, roleplays as a copyrighted character from Bandai, named Flamedramon. Flamey however, ripped apart the character’s main traits, and replaced it with a calm sensible and care free Flamey, something that he wishes to be, because he is a complete stiff. What is ultimately sad about this character choice, beyond the fact that it is completely unoriginal is the fact that it’s very existence is based upon a story, a not so cultured story at that.

Back in the year 2000, Flamey was quite confused, he has stumbled officially into the world of the internet, his previous years quite lost in online sites solely for the sake of gaming. Along with this, he found something he enjoyed, Digimon. So, smacking the two of them together, along with the nasty influences of the internet came The Story. In this story, I’ll spare the exact details, but a rape scene entails between Flamedramon and another character, Flamedramon being on the receiving end. This story traumatized Flamey, because well, he had never experienced such a thing before. He did what he always did, he attempted to “save” Flamedramon by psychologically altering his thoughts to try to swap place with Flamedramon in the story. This of course, failed miserably. What resulted was a loss of appetite, sleep, and an overall decline of health. When he finally did break free, he managed to create this Flamey that was happy and cheerful. And so, we have our Flamey today, a product of a rape. You could call him a bastard child if you want! It’s all the same to me. I don’t care about him.

Of course after this incident, his entirely personality did a 180, and everything began to change. Though it’s true that some of Flamedramon’s positive qualities seeped into Flamey, it has only resulted in the completely dislocation of Flamey’s actual personality which is still MIA at this point. Though of course Flamey doesn’t reveal this at all because the he’s going to have to go through the entire horrendous process again.

I suppose as a final note, I should try to address some of the personality quirks that Flamey has. I’ve already explained the optimism; the reason is laid out in the previous paragraphs. The nasty holier-than-thou attitude though partly my fault for not curtailing it, is a result of too many achievements slipping into Flamey’s head. From first place piano competition finishes, to being a valedictorian at his school, the entire process just warped his mind. Of course, he’s realized this and does his best to control it, but he’s not too good at controlling his baser instincts. So he masks them behind a nice friendly smile and berates himself later on when he decided he’s just doing something stupid.

The cynical sarcasm comes for the fact that it’s his optimism and pessimism clashing with each other. Though he hopes and wishes for the world to be positive, every time he looks around he can hardly see a reason for why the world must exist at all. Between these two, he is torn, and being unable to decide, flip-flops between cynical and sarcastic.

I think that sums it up for now. I’ll add more as I feel it is necessary. Oh, as a final note, I do have permission to put this up, well, maybe not with his complete consent, but what is he going to do? Deny his darker half, I think not. Have a good day you all.

~Other Users's Statements~

This guy is remarkably, different. There is a high chance that no one actually can understand him fully, and i personally have given up.

he can go from a sweet, comforting, talkative a rather disconcerting dark-eyed shadow version of himself where he brings up morally difficult issues, and quotes that teeter on the brink of sanity. His personality changes so much, that it is hard to imagine he is one and the same.

Flamey - That's true too! I'm CRAZY! I'll have a more comprehensive thing up later.

however wierd he is, one thing always remains constant,

He likes blue. his undies are blue too ^-^ (Flamey: I'd like to make a small note here, that's actually my inner layer of shorts. =D I try to put up extra layers to keep myself warm and whatnot.)