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Fixxy (born December 7th, 1988 in Croatia north of Gospic) a dragoness who is roaming, not particularly living in one place. She goes usually by her birth name but people sometimes call her Fix.

Fixxy's fursona is a dragonic vampiric feline, always winged with a shimmer of scales on her tail and wings. She stands roughly 5'10, and 105lbs, and sometimes wears thin rimmed black glasses. Her usual attire contains a tight red plad mini skirt with bondage loosely hanging from its belt straps, a small normal black collared shirt complimenting her sleek body, a lime green tie, knee high black and green leggings, and custom black boots that reach her upper shin. Accessories include: spiked bands around her neck, wrists, and under the spade on her tail.


"Silently, I would snuck up on her and wrapped my arms around her and fling her around in a playful circle. She looked at me with those penetrating red eyes and meeting my gentle blue hues in a loves embrace." is how her father used to say to her when she was young. Her father was a feline and her mother was a vampiric dragon. While her mother was pregnant, her father was very ill and needed some attention but he decided to stay till Fixxy was born. The night of her birth, a furious thunderstorm began to brew and her mother went into labour.

Just as she was about to give birth, a violent lightening strike hit her and she died moments after Fixxy was pulled free. Her father caressed the charred body and held his daughter in his hands, whimpers came from Fixxy's mouth, unaware of what had happened. Her father looked at the sky and watched as the sun gently poked its way through the clouds and smile against his skin, warming his face and beaming down on what seemed to be his daughter. Small ringlets of electricity pulsed around her tail and wrists and her father looked down upon her, feeling her warmth and watching her first smile.

14 years later, she was living in a small house with a foster mom and a foster dad. Her real father was in the hospital and was suffering heart malfunctions. After the long years, she learned how to control her new sustained power and use it to her advantages. Along the way, she learned that certain cravings would overtake her and fangs would be constantly throbbing for attention. Also, learned to use her tail as a 3rd arm, (which came in handy alot). As the years passed, she got a couple jobs and met lots of new people. Eventually, she would be making desisions on her own and learning new things as life progressed.



Fixxy has an interest in music. She is constantly using her ipod and her earphones are always in her ears. She loves meeting people and new people being introduced to her. Oh, you can't forget that she has a thing for shiney items! She's always constantly playing with her tail & playing with people's hair or helping out in planned occasions. She enjoys making people happy and making them smile, cheering them up or helping them out. Shes always filled with smiled and a helping hand. Anyone can turn to her as long as they show kindness to her.


Fixxy is quite the active little dragoness. She currently works at:

  • Vampire Manor as a blood doll, Security, Arena Fighter, and Tendress.
  • Lawless as staff helper.
  • Co-Owner of Vampires Covenant
  • Co-Owner of Skittlez BaH
  • Owner of Sleepy Homes
  • Owner of Dark Homes
  • The Siren's Kiss as a Tattoo Artist
  • The Haven as the Head Blood Doll
  • Co-Owner of Rialight
  • The Nightfall Tavern as a Security