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Fitzroy Fox is the cartoony fox character and fursona of Lunara-Toons. He is a happy-go-lucky sort, friendly, and very soft-hearted. He eats a Vegetarian diet, despite his species. He especially has a soft spot for birds. He is a carefree, fun-loving fox, but has the potential to sometimes be clumsy.

Lunara-toons theboys wallpaper.jpg Fitzroy Fox with his friends, Pete Platypus and Duncan Dragon.


Fitzroy was originally created as a trademark for Ruth Wilson, as a flagship promoter for her animation services. He was featured in several of her animations during her time in college, which was when his character was created, around 2009.


Fitzroy was made into a fursuit in 2013. The suit was made by MoreFurLess (Kishowolf). Fitzroy can be seen yearly at Furry Weekend Atlanta and Anthrocon. He can be seen in full suit or as a partial.


Fitzroy's fursuit, as debuted at FWA 2013.


Fitzroy enjoys drawing for his friends on FurAffinity. He specializes in toony style artwork, with a strict G to PG rating.