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FishyBoner is an uber hot and sexy furry female, who is completely insane and should be avoided at all cost.

She steal her neighbor's paper every morning, and doesn't even read it; she is also known to kick orphan puppies and step on blind kittens, and other then that is very mentally unstable. Her art work can be found on several art sites online, though it's highly recommended that you stay away and avoid these sites as much as possible, for the effect they have is like a lemon wrapped around a brick slamming into your brain.

See the article about FishyBoner. WikiFur User

On another account, she's a major bitch when it comes to art thieves, if your an art thief and feel like having yourself ripped a new asshole, by all means get ahold of her, and she'll let you know how much you suck. And on another note, she has the worst grammar and spelling habits ever.