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FirestormSix is a Fursuit builder & anthro artist living in Canada. FS6 was Born in eastern Canada, then migrated to Ontario Canada in 1998. FirestormSix has been an Anthropomorphic artist known around the community for over 10 years, for high detailed artworks & illustrations & nature paintings, a detailist most known for high detail works and originality. also known for the Parody comic of South Park called Fur Park, which was first introduced as a 37 caracter poster in 2002. Some of the highlights of his works has been his realisim in fur renduring and the soulful eyes of his artworks. Working with many types of media including Acrylic, oils, and digital works with Photoshop & illustrator, he has created many unique works including the Anthrocon 2004 Staff choice of the year Awarded " Dakkota Headress" piece. In 2006, FirestormSix was also selected Artist Guest Of Honor for Anthrofest 2006, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. in 2005, Firestorm had commissioned his first fursuit of his Lion mascot caracter, Max Lyon , then shortly after took on a strong interest in fursuiting & fursuit construction. In early 2007, He began building his first full fursuit, Dakkota Timberwolf ( based off the Dakkota Wolf from the award painting) and debuted the new suit at MFF 2008. Shorty after that first build completed, he decided to venture into fursuit/costume building and design professionally, starting with his first commissioned build in December 2008. From that date FirestormSix taken the fursuit community by storm and has produced many full and partial high quality fursuits, displaying a vast diversity in design and new options availaible for fursuits, with many strengths known for his suits and designs as quality & workmanship, high details, diversity, expressive personality, uniqueness, and with the ability to create the unique "soul & spirit" of each caracter , and has managed to replicate his spiritfull eyes from his artworks to the fursuits. In just a little over a year he has went from a beginner fursuit creator to a professional builder & designer ranking among the top sought after fursuit builders of the furry community.