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HelloGoodbyeWhatever... X3

Okey,I`ve just joined here and I hope that I will find a mate for myself. :3 (And hopefully sum new friends.) I`m so tired of beeing alone, so I decided to put a note on display. X3

Write to me if: - U`re a male - U`re straight - U live in Finland (it would be nice, but if ya live somewhere else it`s just fine.) - U have a dirty mind >:3 - U like YIFF - Your age is 18-25. :3 - U`re NOT addicted to any game! DX - U like plumpy girls. XP (cuz I`m a litle plumpy)

Well, that`s about it basicly. :3

Some info about me: Real name: Jenni Räsänen Age: 18 Height: 1,58 m Weight: Enoug! XD Blue eyes( I wear glasses) and red hair. (originally brown hair) I love manga, music and drawing dirty stuff. (duh!)

Write to me if ya want to. :3 I`ll be waiting.^^

Link to my FA site: E-mail: