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Mouse Fursona.

Chapter 1. Fursona.. First, all Fursona in brief. Chapter 2. Mouse fursona.

Fursona is not limited to anyone species. Fursona can be any animal of any type. Wolves or prairie dogs,, domesticated or wild. Dogs are dogs, even the ones which are considered to be a domesticated breed, known as the Husky. Huskies are actually just domesticated wolves.

Dogs and or wolves, are usually more sexually driven, then a lot of other animals. Not to say that’s always true. Having a fursona after the wolf, means you dream of being wild and free. Roaming around, without someone always telling you where you’re suppose to be. Being able to see in dark places, or hear far away sounds. The fursona in itself, doesn’t have to be sexually driven. The over sense of smell, which most creatures have.. This is also an incredible drive, to a wolf fursona.

What does it take, to have wolf fursona? Nothing. Anyone can have wolf fursona. I was reading somewhere, a one sided explanation of wolf fursona. Stating that mostly Mexicans and negro’s are wolves in the furry (Fur) fandom. Wolf fursona isn’t concentrated to any one race. I seem to hear the bad word nigger, hanging around this misconception. Just because you happen to be black,, that means you have to be a wolf? Bull Fucking Shit! Your fursona is the way you feel inside. That’s the whole point of fursuits, and fursuiters. So that people just might ignore what you really look like on the outside, and dig to what’s truly inside. At least, I thought that was the point. Look beyond the bad teeth.. Beyond the fact, you’re middle aged, and still have braces,, because your teeth still aren’t quite straight. Or because you only got em, because of many other reasons. Maybe you were just too busy. Or maybe, you only just got together the money. But for what ever the reason, you just didn’t get them till middle aged. Some peoples faces, seem twisted the other way around. Some people are way over weight. There’s a lot of different people into fursuits,, and fursuiting. Black, white, red, yellow… many people are into fursuits, and fursuiting. The color a person is, doesn’t define what’s in the inside of that person. The fursona some one is, also doesn’t define who they truly are inside. But at least, they try to present that. And that,, that’s also part of the point, of being a furry. The (Real) and honest furry, takes on the fursona they feel inside. They also,, are very pleasant people. Furries and fursona, isn’t concentrated around anyone type of animal. Some are raccoons. Some are skunks. Some are rabbits. Some are foxes. Cats… and many other fursona other then wolves. Wolves have become popular, but it doesn’t mean, there’s necessarily a black man underneath it. Unless you know me,, from certain parts of the net.. For all you know,, I’m a black-man,, with a mouse fursona. And anyway you wanna look at it, black or white, fursona is still fursona. There is nothing wrong with being black. Actually, since that the Adams and Eves of the world started out black.. So if you are black,, be super proud to be black. It’s the most natural color you could possibly be. I’m not mentioning many other things about race now. Lets just leave race, underneath our fursuits. Because a persons true personality, is always deeper then skin.

This was suppose to be about mouse fursona, but I got lost, trying to point out, there’s no such thing as race, inside of fursona. Only a person’s true and honest self underneath. I didn’t ask to be so perfect, in certain ways. I see people get all dreamy about an 8” cock. He is so hawt, he’s got an eight inch penis (Crotch) Cock. And the fact of the matter is, I rarely looked between my legs at the start of my life, realizing it was anything all that special. It was that way, even ever since I was just a boy. I didn’t know when I was a boy, it was a little bigger then the norm. But lets get into that, on another subject.

Chapter 2. Mouse fursona.

Mouse fursona comes in the form of categories. Of course, so do all others. But I tried to cover them briefly. Probably in a lot of ways,, too briefly. You can have a very ruff around the edges attitude, like Jerry Mouse from Tom and Jerry. You can have a klutzy personality, like Little Sneezer. Or just plain numb headed,, like the Brain’s sidekick, Pinky. You could have a constantly positive attitude, almost no matter what’s going on.. Somehow always smiling, always laughing. And almost never worrying too much, about anything. One way or another, somehow able to still place on a smile. (Mickey Mouse.) You could also be well over adventurous, taking too many risks, and have way too many guts. Always having a good attitude, even toward cats, if they’re nice to you. Overly proud to be the mouse we are, but still willing to help others. Well loving and respectful. Willing to get a word across, no matter how it has to be achieved. Especially if it’ll help to save somebody. (Fievel Mousekewitz.)

Yes, a lot of this is more on the personal side… but I believe,, this is what mouse fursona would be. Also, mice are mischievous and incompetent… I’m intentionally incompetent with piss on myself,, at times. Mice can be like what I mentioned about dogs.. And I often am myself. A little more sexually driven, then I sometimes wanna admit. Other rodents can be like that too… only reason I know this, is by watching a certain two (Male) hamsters I use to own,, go at it. They’d take turns,, till they’d tire each other out. Then sleep together. Rodents also like to chew on things. If you saw the way my pencils looked, while I was still in school, you’d agree,, Mouse fursona fits me well. I once bit a pencil down to nearly nothing.. Why?,, don’t know. I use to snack on some of my hamsters food. Ate some of the small seeds. I thought they tasted surprisingly good, considering it was rodent food. Unbaked/Roasted,, sunflower seeds. I didn’t much like the pellets. They liked them, but not as well as the other seeds. I could tell that,, when I cleaned their cages. They’d leave quite a few of the pellets lay. My first favorite mouse,, Mickey Mouse. I was definitely a Mighty Mouse fan. Super fursona? Interesting question. What for super power would I want as a mouse? Pika---Pika--,,,Pikaaaa---chuuuuu… (Electricity.) Abra,,… Kodabra.. Psychic Abilities. Mouse fursona is anything pertaining to a mouse course of habit. And I’ve found myself in the middle of it many times throughout my life. Only for a short amount of time, in the start of the 90s, did I ever find myself getting into any other fursona. Hedgehogs and Foxes. Sonic & Tails. I was right back to mouse fursona, not long after, when I got into Mickey Mouse again.. Then Pokemon came out, and I thought Pikachu was the best thing I ever heard of.

Who really wrote this? Maybe for reasons of many, I shouldn’t say.. Then post it somewhere anonymously.

Today, there’s hardly any new mice, in the cartoon world, to really like and enjoy so much as the originals. Fievel’s creators are leaving him fade out of existence. But at least, there’s people like FievelJ, who would rather keep him alive, one way or another. Jerry would be one of the best examples of good fursona. And I guess for me also. I fit Jerry better then Fievel. Fievel, fits FievelJ better then I. he’d rather give you a hug first. I’d rather pick and have fun… but when it all comes down to it,, when the picking stops, I can still be almost as affectionate as Fievel. I’d just rather pick on the cat first. Fievel would rather try to make friends first,, then run his tail off.