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[[File:|thumb|right|220px|FernFolf Profile image, by Skunk.bae.]] [[File:|thumb|right|220px|FernFolf Banner, by SinfulHare.]] Fern the little Folf, also known as FernFolf or simply Fern, is a little and a small time artist who currently lives in the UK, United Kingdom. Fern is a Transgender woman, who previously identified as non-binary, she has not started HRT as of February 2023. She is Bi and Poly and uses She/Her pronouns.[1]


Fern's main fursona is an orange and grey folf.(A hybrid between a wolf and a fox). The primary colour of her design is bright orange. She features light grey highlights via their paws, and grey fur on their legs, arms and chest. Her hair is orange, with the trim of her ears the same light grey as on the rest of her body. A defining feature of Fern the Folf's design is the two white tail bands and black tail tip.

She has two other known fursona's, one being Bás(Death in Scottish Gaelic) and the other being Koda. Bás is black and dark grey wolf, with the primary colour being black. She features light grey highlights via their paws while a defining feature of Bás is her amber eyes. As of recently, Koda is a white, dark blue and navy Eurasian Lynx with light blue highlights.[2]


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