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Fenris the Red Wolf

Furcode (decode): FCW[Red Wolf]h4adr A++++ C>++ D>m++ H+ M- P R T+++ W** Z- Sm+ RLA*>A a cmn++>mn++++ d+ e+++ f h>++ iwf+++ j p sm-->m+

I'm Fenris, a 27-year-old graphic designer, and an MA in graphic design from the University of Houston. Pretty much all of my time is devoted to art and web design.

I've been a furry since about 2002, though I didn't really admit it until 2004.


Apart from the websites listed below, I have appeared in Cracked Magazine, have a regular segment on the ACTfur On Air and appear regularly as an editorial cartoonist in certain publications. Occasionally, I write satire and devote unnecessary amounts of energy to trivial causes.

My main website is

Articles I've written[edit]

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