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Fenris 3D Rendered Fursona Head-Shot

Fenris (a.k.a Fenris the Wolf,Fenrisulfgan) is an American furry artist, techie, and gamer who lives in Seattle, Washington . He is a Pacific Northwest Native and studied at the University of Washington.

A lifelong techie, and has worked with various High Tech companies primarily in and around the State of Washington. He has done everything from procurement to financing but now focuses on Software Development and Testing.

His fursona is a large werewolf or very large anthro Gray Wolf (Canis lupus). He is a fan of fantasy cyberpunk transformation and were-related artwork.


Born in the US, Fenris has lived in the Pacific Northwest all his life and aside from his family ties in the area enjoyed the mild climate. Fenris is a mix of Italian, Irish and American Indian but has always felt a close connection to his Indian Heritage. Fenris has always had a strong interest in wolves and considers himself a therian as he directly identifies with his wolf fursona. Fenris generally goes by some derivation of his name Fenris when having to create an online persona. Fenris, Fenris the Wolf, and Fenrisulfgan being his primary ones. Fenris has been an avid gamer since he was a pup and was one of the first people to get the Atari 2600 and the Pac-Man game in his area when it was released in the US.

Fenris studied Photography at an early age and took photos for the local school newspaper. By the time he was in High School Fenris was already a strong proponent of Wolf Conservation in Washington and organized a school-sanctioned fundraiser to support Wolf Haven the local Wolf Sanctuary. Fenris continued to be a supporter and advocate for Wolf Conservation and involved himself in garnering further support for Wolf Haven as well as Wolf and Wildlife protection legislation.

In his professional Career Fenris has used opportunities with the companies he has worked with to support his primary charitable interests: Wolves, Wildlife, The Arts, and Special Needs Children.

Wolf Photograph by Fenris used to promote Wolf Conservation


Even from the earliest days Fenris has depicted his Fursona as a Dark Brown Gray Wolf who could take on both feral and anthro forms. Fenris’ Fursona has always had a strong affinity for magic and he would depict him as either a druid or a magic wielding warrior depending on the RP setting. To best describe himself he would say his character is a Warrior of Nature. Fenris personality in RP can at times be laid back but when it comes to fighting Fenris behaves more like a Paladin charging into battle for a cause.

As a large wolf Fenris will eat just about anything or anyone but nothing gets his attention more than a nice juicy steak.

IT & Gaming Experience[edit]

As a serious gamer and one who also works in the industry Fenris has been involved in various projects with a range of gaming and tech companies and positions ranging from QA & Beta Testing to Procurement and Financing. (Some names omitted due to Non-Disclosure Agreements)

Many Titles - Microsoft
Guild Wars 2 – Arenanet / NCSoft
Aion - NCSoft
Diablo 3 – Blizzard Entertainment
Starhawk – Sony
World of Warcraft – Blizzard Entertainment: Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria
Star Wars The Old Republic – BioWare / LucasArts
Battlefield 3 – EA / DICE
Wakfu – Ankama / Square-Enix
Rift – Trion Worlds
Second Life – Linden Labs
Various Companies – MSDN Members
Renewable Energy Company
Bio-Mass Production Company
Total Annihilation – Humongous Entertainment
Dungeon Siege – Gas Powered Games / Microsoft
AutoCAD – Autodesk

Fenris’ favorite gaming genres are MMO, RPG, FPS and Strategy games and he is a Top Ranked PvE Raider in World of Warcraft. To Quoting Fenris Facebook Profile probably says it best:

Favorite Platform: I have em all.
Favorite Pastimes: Eatting Noobz, WoW, Diablo 3, Guilds Wars 2, Aion, Call of Duty, Skyrim, Minecraft, League of Legends, Game Development Level Design.
Favorite Power Tools: UDK, Unity, Source SDK, 3DS Max, Maya


Fenris writes articles and reviews primarily on technology and gaming industry subjects. He is a regular contributor and publishes a number of his articles on Gaming Furever a Furry community gaming website. In late March of 2012 Fenris started making Gameplay videos and Walkthroughs which are featured on Gaming Furever and Fenris’ Youtube Channel.

Some examples of Fenris articles on Gaming Furever include:

[1] Mists of Pandaria Beta Review – Starting Zones

[2] Diablo 3 Easter Eggs Whimseyshire and Beyond

[3] Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Charr Gameplay Diessa Plateau Part 1

[4] Guilds Wars 2 Beta Weekend Impressions & Gameplay Videos Part 2


In addition to his own videos Fenris has also appeared on GFTV Shows including the Weekly Roundtable Podcast and various Live steaming events as both a host and contributor.



  1. Mists of Pandaria Beta Review
  2. Diablo 3 Easter Eggs
  3. Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend
  4. Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Part 2

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