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Hello! I'm Fenri Lunaedge. I'm 15 years old and not a furry yet :( but however, I support the fandom and wish to get me a kickass fursuit when I'm able. I am a HUGE Mega Man freak, and my name is even the name of a boss in Mega Man Zero 4. ^^; I have two different accounts in the Wikia community; Fenri here, and FangWolf.EXE at the Mega Man Wiki. Well, it'll take me a while to find out what to do here, but I hope you guys are willing to welcome a non-furry :D

I really enjoy Furthia High, and I am thinking about making a guest comic for it. Bruce kicks ass in that comic. I also found it funny in the Halloween special that Ashley went as the same guy I did. :D

Some of my favorite TV shows...well...I absolutely like Total Drama Island, it's very funny to watc, especially seeing Owen and the rest of the cast do things to make me laugh. Favorite video game series include Sonic the Hedgehog (Except for Sonic '06 and Sonic and the Secret Rings), the classic Mega Man series (and X too) and Super Smash Bros. I do not have online connection for my Wii yet, but when I do, I will post my friend code. But so far, all I can tell you is:

  • NAME: Fenri
  • CODE: ????-????-????
  • MAINS: Sonic for speed, Lucario for awesomeness, Wolf for a good range of moves, and Lucas for killer Smash Attacks.

My fursona once I get a suit will be Rockfur X. He's a red fox sporting Mega Man X chest armor, boots, pants, helmet, and an X-Buster.

Ok! I'll add more some other time.