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Fennec Wolfox

~Basic Furry Info~
Name: Fennec Wolfox
Species: North American Maned Fennec Wolfox
Age: 18
Habitat: VA
Sign: Cancer
DOB: July 15, 1989
Alias: Fenn, Lunchbox, Furball

Yo. I go by the name of Fennec Wolfox. I might be familier to you as an artist on FA or DA.

As far as my species goes, I'm a Maned Fennec Wolfox. As far as 'breeds' of wolfoxes go, I'm not that common. I'm identified easily by the large, grey-tipped ears, the sly goatee, and the eye-marks. I often am shown wearing cool-colored clothing, ranging from dark green to a light blue. I also have a characteristic blue jacket I wear. Most often, the main question I get about my fursona is: Why is my fur a dark orange, instead of a tan color, as Fennec Foxes actually have? Well, that's because I like the color. 'Nuff said. My art is identified often by my Logo, a large FW inside of an ellipse, with two smaller circles. It can be seen in the image above.

Okay, as far as my furriness actually goes, I've been one since around the age of 6 or 7, though I didn't know it, for obvious reasons. I've been drawing all of my life, so I've become a pretty-good artist. Have a look at my DA account sometime. Anyway, I'm an avid anime enthusiest, which explains why my style can sometimes lapse into pure anime, and other times it can be mildly normal. I also enjoy gaming and playing around on the internet.

My friendships in the world of furries range to few well-known furres. I guess I can say I'm friends with Seel, Blitz, Prost, and Beowolf. I've met Mr. Glenn, Fossil, and Max BR before, though I guess I'm only sort-of friends with Fossil and Glenn. Even then, I can't be sure.

I have little convention experience, having only visited AC '07. I'm currently involved in a meetup group (Southwestern VA Furry Meetup Group) that was organized by Swivel, a cheetah.

Anyway, feel free to visit me at my FA Site. (Username: Fennec_Wolfox)