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Felix the Feline Ninja[edit]

Felix Rites(RP name)Joined the Furry Fandom in 2008 (With the help of the internet and a few GaiaOnline friends), though thought to be a furry in 2007. He is a true beliver in Lifestyler and belives that Kemonomimi is a part of the Fandom. Felix does digital arts and edits relating to the fandom. His favorite digital artworks are Flash and .Gifs. He enjoys various Anthropomorphic artworks and has alot of artwork done for him. (due to his lack of pen and pencil skill).

Spare Time[edit]

Felix spends most of his time on GaiaOnline and RPG Maker. He runs as crew in a Furry Guild on GaiaOnline. He enjoys VG Cats and Erin Hunters Warriors series. Felix also plays on a Semi-pro Halo3 team, just showing to the world that being a furry just isn't about dressing up as animals. His real name is Aaron, but everyone calls him Felix.

Fursona Outfit[edit]

Felix's outfit includes a long trentcoat, scarf covering his face, Cat ears, and a tail. aka, Kemonomimi. He wears this in public and private places, and isin't afraid to show his pride towards the community.