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FauxPawroo also known by just FauxPaw. FauxPaw is a female red kangaroo with traditional red kangaroo markings that are more typically male. She has a livejournal where she posts fairly regularly. FauxPaw's LJ FauxPaw makes fursuits and has currently completed 9 suits/partials. FauxPaw also draws and participates in conbadge exchange and sometimes participates in mmarsupialxchange through LJ. FauxPaw loves plushes and has been an avid collector for many years. Her major plush favorites are kangaroos, various australian wildlife, dogs, foxes, fish, and disney characters. She is also the moderator of Furrypetowners on LJ. She attends Anime Weekend Atlanta, Furry Weekend Atlanta in 2007, Dragon*con in 2006.

Along with being a furry fandomeer she is an avid marine reef aquarist and owner of several types of animals including 6 dogs, 3 cats, and 2 birds. She attends University and is working for her Bachelors in Biology and her pre-vet prerequisites. She aims to apply for Veterinary school in 2 years. If she is able to get into vet school she would love to be trained in marine medicine and work at an aquarium or zoo. She currently works for an aquarium and a vet hospital. FauxPaw loves meeting new people at local furmeets and conventions.