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Embry the Bear[edit]

Embry lying around the house with Falkio.

Embryis a brown bear from the Republic of California. He is a student with aspirations of becoming a Pharmacist. Trademarked by a love of Chocobos, he can usually be found with "Falkio", his prized doll. His hobbies include shirt printing, video games, reading classic books, and Skyping with friends. Embry is a proud frequenter of He is also currently making plans to attend Futher Confusion 2010.

His physical appearance is that typical of a babyfur. Embry isn't a fan of clothing, normally wearing nothing more than a T-shirt and a diaper. He has several interesting bodily traits. Silver hair and orange eyes make him odd, but cute. The silver hair came from an experiment with dye, while the orange eyes represent his affinity for honey combs. Salmon is his favorite food. In a roleplay setting, Embry can be found fast asleep on a caretakers lap. In an innocent way, he is very lazy. In the real world, he is a normal community college student that enjoys hanging out with friends. He is a Scout. Despite being shy, people consider him talkative.

He is the little brother of HuskyRye, and the older brother of Low the Wolf.