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Bold text hey everyone i'm fadfrankie, my hobbies are collecting a variety of cards like: yu-gi-oh pokemon,chaotic, huntik,dinosaur king, and club penguin cards. i also collect beyblades, marbles, bakugan, and b-daman. I like to watch my complete seasons of csi: crime scene investigation and my complete 1st season of csi:miami. i watch law and order svu: special victims and law and order ci: criminal intent. my intrests are spending a lot on the computer and watching a lot of television. i hate spiders and snakes cause they creep me out and i hate flies mosquitos and knats that buzz around and bother the heck out of me to. i like to eat fruits and vegetables and i excercise a lot by lifting weights, and hate it people make of my weight behind their backs and not telling me the truth. if anyone wants to be my friend/friends i don't mind at all one bit.